Welcome to the new and improved Unofficial Konfabulator Wiki (a.k.a. Ukki)!

Ukki is a collaborative effort to supplement many aspects of Yahoo! Widget Engine Widget development. We hope to do this by building up user-contributed documentation, providing Tutorials for common Widget tasks, and even hosting reusable Resources. For more information, see our About page.

Because Ukki is based on wiki design principles, you will find that it is constantly evolving. If you have something you'd like to contribute, then you should contribute it! If you find something that's incorrect, correct it! Click on the edit link at the top of any page that you'd like to update.

Note that all text on Ukki automatically falls under the GNU Free Documentation License, which is the same license that Wikipedia uses. This ensures that authors receive credit and maintain the copyright for their work, while allowing the maximum amount of collaboration. Images and supplemental files may have their own, more restrictive licenses attached to them. Please see the Wikia copyrights page for more information about the policies we must adhere to.

Site organizationEdit

Getting started - The Getting started page is geared toward newcomers to Yahoo! Widget Engine. If you're not familiar with what Yahoo! Widget Engine can do, or you have a basic question about how to use Yahoo! Widget Engine, start here!

Reference Guide - The Reference Guide is a completely user-contributed version of the Yahoo! Widget Engine Reference Guide, geared toward Widget developers. If you know what you're looking for in the Reference Guide, try just using our search box on the left side of the page.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - you might find yours!

Tutorials - We're trying to amass a collection of Tutorials for common (and not-so-common) Widget building tasks. Please consider contributing some of your own!

Resources - This is the place to find reusuable Widget Resources, such as artwork, sounds, and code snippets. Why do-it-yourself if someone else has volunteered to do it for you?

Libraries - Here you can find links to user-created Libraries and documentation.

Known Issues - Here you can find known issues and the Konfabulator team can respond.


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