Known Issues Edit

General Issues (non-development related) Edit

  • useFileIcon on file with iconhandler results in widget crash (debugger invoked). Forums link


  • When setting the defaultValue of a color preference to #505050, the color actually is #7F7F7F

Development-related issues Edit

New issues Edit

Rating is not working on some of the pages, for example: does not show any rating for my widgets, but if you go into the widgets pages you will see rating for each of them.

Submitting anything other than x,y coordinates or a Point object crashes Rectangle.containsPoint: relevant posting [1]

system.trashFolder is empty, "", on Windows.

Acknowledged by Konfabulistas Edit

Documentation issues Edit

New Edit

Acknowledged by Konfabulistas Edit

  • Page 64 - Window - Description: It says that the window property "is useful for creating customized buttons that respond visually to a user's click.". It should be removed as it doesn't make much sense. [Fixed 12-15, not yet released].
  • Page 89 - fillRect(), the "R" is written lowcase in example
  • Page 133 - MenuItem.onSelect example in JS is not working anymore in version 4.5. Should be dones as described in the forum.