Attaches the Object with the Name ObjectName to the Frame frameName.

Currently it is only possible to child Images, Textfields, Textareas, Frames and Scollbars to a Frame.

Once an Object got attached to a Frame, it will use the relative zero-Position of the Frame (in other Words: The defined origin of the Frame) for its own positioning.


An Image is set up to x 10 and y 10, but the Frame is set up to originate from x20, y20, so if this Image got childed to the Frame, is the Image displayed on 30,30 because its using 10,10 for its own start-from.


If you have problems with custom Objects created dynamicly through a constructor, try to set up the created valid Objects (it's ID is the stuff before = new Objectdescription(); ) to a parent frame with objNameParent.addSubview(ObjectID);! You have to create objNameParent with an = new Frame(); first, though.

--rawkitD 16:43, 25 January 2006 (UTC)